Musical Theatre

Calendar Girls @ Georgia Ensemble Theatre

Today is brought to you by “Ty Learns a British Accent!” I’ll be hitting the stage in a few weeks for Georgia Ensemble Theatre’s production of “Calendar Girls”. This show is one of the funniest British comedies I have read. I will admit, I have not read very many, but it still had me on floor laugh when I was reading through the script. If you have watched the movie, then you will not be disappointed at all!

Final Two Weekends of The Addams Family @ OnStage Atlanta

Final Two Weekends of The Addams Family @ OnStage Atlanta

Rush rush to get your tickets for the final two weeks of The Addams Family at OnStage Atlanta! This show has had a completely sold out house FOUR WEEKS in a row and it looks these next two weeks are going to be the same exact story. This cast is incredible and what makes this even more enjoyable for me is that fact we are a family. I guess you can say there is a reason Family makes it into the title for this particular show.

The Addams Family: The Musical @ OnStage Atlanta

Coming this summer at OnStage Atlanta, The Addams Family: The Musical! In this production I will be playing one the ancestors, rumored to be the hippie one, and dancing my heart out! Come out and see this show opening on July 10th and running through August 16th.

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