Junie B. Jones on Tour!

Junie B. Jones on Tour!

Junie B. Jones comes to life on November 14th at 11am on the Georgia Ensemble Theatre stage and you need to come see us sing our hearts out about a top secret personal beeswax journal! This show has been kick-ass and one hell of an experience for me. Being my first touring show, it has taught me a lot about what it means to pack a tinny bus with your sound equipment, set, and costumes. It also taught every single one of us how to unload and load the bus in just under 15 minutes. Bam! Took a few trials, but when we can pack up and leave a school in 15 minutes, let’s just say it makes everyone very happy.

Audition for Act1 Theater's Production of "Uh Oh, Here Comes Christmas"

I’m directing and choreographing my first show at Act1 this season! Come out and audition for a musical comprised of short stories titled “Uh Oh, Here Comes Christmas!” Jennie Blevins, my voice coach, friend, and mentor, will be musically directing the show. With her by my side, I’m sure we will accomplish many magical moments on stage.

Calendar Girls @ Georgia Ensemble Theatre

Today is brought to you by “Ty Learns a British Accent!” I’ll be hitting the stage in a few weeks for Georgia Ensemble Theatre’s production of “Calendar Girls”. This show is one of the funniest British comedies I have read. I will admit, I have not read very many, but it still had me on floor laugh when I was reading through the script. If you have watched the movie, then you will not be disappointed at all!