Alex Bond - The Woman Who Inspired Us All

Recently the acting community across the entire nation grieved the loss of one of the most talented, generous, caring individuals to ever grace the stage. Alex Bond was a woman who never gave up, helped everyone she met and led a life that inspired every single person she touched.

Pictured: Vicki Ellis Gray, Alex Bond, Bethany Irby Okie, Meg Morris

Pictured: Vicki Ellis Gray, Alex Bond, Bethany Irby Okie, Meg Morris

I first met Alex during the production of Calendar Girls at Georgia Ensemble Theatre. It was my first show as an apprentice and I had the opportunity to work on the show with an ensemble of incredibly talented women who made the stage come to life with their story.

During this 6-7 week adventure, Alex and I had to chance to talk, learn more about each other, and share our individual stories. She never failed to make laugh with her musings on her life and her hunger for more adventure. Alex was quick-witted, sassy, and also wasn’t afraid to make a joke on the more promiscuous side of life. For her, life was to be enjoyed through all avenues not just through a small lens.


After Calendar Girls, she became a mentor to me and I to her when it came to technology. I had the pleasure of reading many of her works and even her beautifully short story Late Nights with the Boys: Confessions of a Leather Bar Chanteuse. The purpose of reading her work was to help her have a website as unique as her to showcase her writing and put up her musings, as she liked to call them. Even though she was taken a break from the stage, she wanted to keep creating. She never wanted to stop creating. So, we created a website to allow to her to keep creating from the comfort of her home.

Alex, later on, had a huge impact on my life when she and Leon took me under their wing to fill me in on what I could expect from my move to New York. They both invited me over to their place for lunch and afterward Alex produced a packet with notes from her time in New York. She walked me through every detail, all ten pages, and put me in contact with people to help me grow and learn. Alex made sure I felt more prepared than ever for my next adventure and wanted to help in any way possible. Nurturing. That is what she loved doing when she wasn't creating. Nurturing others to be better than they were before she met them.

Creator. Nurturer. Inspiration to us all.

That is who Alex Bond was and will remain to all us of us in our hearts.

She raised the bar, taught us how to live life to the fullest and left a legacy which will not be forgotten.