9 to 5: The Musical @ OnStage Atlanta

Coming to OnStage Atlanta this MARCH!!

Coming to OnStage Atlanta this MARCH!!

OnStage Atlanta has been a huge, supportive family for me over the past 2 years of my growing acting career. The first time I stepped into that theatre space and auditioned for The Addams Family I had little knowledge about what I was doing, how to carry myself, and even what to do with myself. Since then, I have worked with them on multiple shows and now they have given me the opportunity to take my choreography skills to the next level.

Opening the beginning of March is 9 to 5: The Musical! This marks my very first professional mainstage show that I have been able to choreograph. I have worked on 8 Junior shows over the past year and a half and assistant choreographed under Ricardo Aponte at Georgia Ensemble Theatre. So, having the chance to get my feet wet on a bigger show before leaving Atlanta for a little bit is a blessing for sure!

This show features some incredible talent and some new faces to the Atlanta market. This cast is a strong vocal ensemble, but do not possess a lot of technical training in dance. Which does give a choreographer pause for thought on how to make such a dance-heavy show, meant for a cast of 35+ people, work with only 15 people in the cast. 

To achieve a clean and sharp show you change up the choreography to match the skills you are given and highlight what your cast is capable of doing and go with smaller dance numbers. This simple solution gives the cast confidence to perform an incredible show and allows those with technically training to kick their faces at least once in this show.

One of the main dance number, One of the Boys, only features four dancers and then Violet. This number is traditionally a huge dance ensemble of men, but when we went with a smaller show we needed to adjust for that and came up with a clean, simple quartet dance ensemble. Who are KILLING the number and because there are only four of them, you get to focus more on the technical side of the dancing while watching instead of being distracted by a large group and flashy lights.

In the end, this show has pushed me in more ways than I thought. You should come see it and experience one of my favorite theatre’s in Atlanta and support a show about empowering women to become equals in the workforce.

Tickets can be bought at OnStageAtlanta.com