Calendar Girls @ Georgia Ensemble Theatre

Today is brought to you by “Ty Learns a British Accent!” I’ll be hitting the stage in a few weeks for Georgia Ensemble Theatre’s production of “Calendar Girls”. This show is one of the funniest British comedies I have read. I will admit, I have not read very many, but it still had me on floor laugh when I was reading through the script. If you have watched the movie, then you will not be disappointed at all! In this production I play the character of Liam; a young producer/director for a commercial company in Britain. Let’s just say, I am in love with the character because it is one of the few times I get to be an ass on stage!

This show will provide a unique challenge for me because I have never been asked to pull off an accent. During my years on stage, it has never come up that I need to learn one, but considering this show is a British comedy… I have no choice in the matter so I must prepare myself to learn in 3 weeks a beautiful British accent to woo all the ladies and gentlemen that come across my path.

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Photo by Breanne Clowdus Photography