Old Fourth Ward Photoshoot w/ Mike Glatzer

Super delayed in writing about this particular photoshoot with Mike Glatzer, but let’s just say life can be a little crazy at times when you are opening a show. Anyways, this shoot with one of my close friends took place at Old Fourth Ward Park. A beautiful newly developed area near the heart of Atlanta. This shoot was particular fun, for me, because I got to throw some dance moves in there and see how I have grown since the last photoshoot I danced in.

After shooting in the park, we went back to his place to create some magic in the kitchen. What I mean by that is I get to make bread, get messy with flour, and play with crazy lighting.  It was different for Mike to do something like this, but the photos turned out spectacular and hit the nail on the head!

I’ve known Mike for a few years now, but he and I became really good friends after doing a show together last summer at Act1 Theater. Over the past year I have seen him grow as a photographer and as a person. His work is going places and one day I am going to convince him to move to NYC or LA with me and become a professional photographer in that area. This boy has mad skill! Check out his work here, on his Instagram, or Facebook.