To Wear or Not to Wear

It’s not often you are asked to strip down for a photoshoot but, every once in a while, those requests come your way and you say, “Hell, yes!”

This photoshoot came about after Kevin saw my photos from another project and asked if I would be willing to join his project called Skin Like Dawn. This Instagram project focuses on male beauty and how our bodies are beautiful just the way they are. After reviewing his work, I was impressed with the look, feel, and overall quality of the photos. His models weren’t sexualized. They were just guys being guys. Just half-naked…

I have always had this notion we spend way too much time fretting about being clothed. We are okay with some versions of next to nothing clothing and then the next minute we freak out because too much is showing, or it is too tight, or nothing is left to the imagination. I’ve never really understood this thinking because our imagination is pretty strong and I can pretty much imagine whatever I want, with very little to go off of.

For example, we will get our undies in a wad when we see someone in their underwear, but never break a sweat when we see someone in a bathing suit relatively the same size, covering the same amount of visual space. What’s the difference? Why are we concerned with making sure we are clothed?

Don’t get me wrong. I think clothing has its place in society and I am all for us wearing clothing on a daily basis. But is our drive to always hide ourselves helping promote body image issues? I am no psychologist, so I won’t get more into this issue, but I want to bring up the question of “what if we stopped focusing on hiding our bodies?”  We all have the same parts… to varying degrees. Why are we so concerned with hiding what we have or being afraid of what others might see? Is it because of judgement from others? Because we pass judgement on others? …Or is it because we are judging ourselves?