My goal is to write plays about southern, queer, and Christian culture with the desire to inspire the audience to see a universal truth through a specific lens. In a time where healing is so important for us as a society, I feel like introducing the blend of all three components can help people understand the importance of all three aspects working together in harmony.

Photo by Mike Glatzer Photography

Photo by Mike Glatzer Photography


A Southern Fairytale

Based on true events, A Southern Fairytale artfully illuminates the challenges facing a young, gay Christian growing up in the Deep South. As we accompany the protagonist through multiple journeys into and out of the closet, the audience emotionally connects with the very real impacts of conversion therapy, excommunication, and a father who believes that a demon has possessed his son.

As family and friends impose extreme measures to reshape him to fit their ideal, the young man is left isolated and alone. Will he ever thrive - or even just simply survive - if he chooses to live as he was born? Is happiness possible when the only faith you have ever known, not to mention everyone you love, demands that you are wrong and living a life of sin?



This play examines the desires, vulnerabilities, and insecurities that one couple faces when they are presented with the opportunity for their very first threesome. Fears and jealousy riddle the two lovers as they embrace the opportunity to grow in their relationship but when the answer isn't always black and white, where do you find the solution?

THIRD attempts to shed light on a topic not commonly explored: what happens when two happy, healthy, consenting queer adults decide they want an “other” in their relationship? With his signature attention to detail, Autry crafts beautifully human—and ultimately flawed—characters as we join them on their rollercoaster of discovery.


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