Instagram & Hootsuite Fell in Love


A little while ago news broke that Hootsuite was trying to work with Instagram and have better integration with the social media platform instead of using a 3rd party app to just watch and engage with your content on Instagram. But, now us Hootsuite users have the ability to schedule posts directly to Instagram! This is exciting news because images are such a vital point of any marketing strategy. Images grabs people's attention and a good portion of Millennials and Gen Z enjoy Instagram more than they enjoy Facebook and spend more time checking out photos on Instagram than checking out photos on Facebook or Twitter.

What does this mean for a social manager like myself? It means I spend less time recreating the wheel and spend more time creating engaging content. When I create content for Facebook, I can use the same piece of content for Twitter (in shorter form), and then pass the very same content to Instagram with just a few clicks and tweaks. Ultimately, this allows me to manage my time and my clients time more efficiently.