It has been about a month now since I did a “Soft Launch” of my social media consulting gig. What has transpired since that one month launch? I have landed one steady client and another one is in the works! Both of my new clients I am truly passionate about and cannot wait to see their growth over the next year as we work together to achieve their individual and unique goals.

On the blue carpet at the 2015 Shorty Awards

Since I have launched my freelancing, it has brought confused faces from some people because it is difficult to fully grasp in a few seconds what I actually do for people. To help remove the confusion, here is what I have to offer: Dedicated management to a brand/personal social media account for a few hours a week based on the amount of work desired by the client. Most people don't want to hire a full-time person to sit around all day dedicating all their hours to managing an account or two. I take care of that by only working the necessary number of hours to resolve a client’s needs and only billing for those set hours. Some of the advantages of working with me are that I save businesses money and I can put analytical reports into their hands. What makes this even better is that my clients never have to learn how to do it, because I handle any and all requests!

One thing I have noticed over the past few months is many people do not realize the power behind social media until someone sits down with them and shows them how it can impact their business or help spread an important message to others. If this sounds like a good fit for you, your company, or someone you know, pass my information on and spread the word!