Content is King. Quality is Queen.

When talking about what to post on social media, people say you need content. Post as much as you can. Keep people coming back for the new content you are publishing. Content. Content. Content. But, what is lacking from this content, at times, is quality. Content is King and Quality is Queen. Without these two pieces working together you won’t see the best level of engagement from your audience.

How do you go about making sure you have good quality content? It starts with your branding; since it is the first thing people see and recognize. The best idea is to first evaluate if your branding is Consistent, Clear, and easily Comprehendible. The three C’s. You want people to share your brand and your audience needs to believe in your brands quality to refer them to a friend. This is especially true on social media. No one wants to share a brands content if it is not up to standard.

Next is to make sure your images are of good quality. This means a clear image, focused, and not overdoing those filters on Instagram. People want to see the real deal, not something which has been over edited and unrecognizable. Make sure to have good lighting when taking a photo and to focus your camera in on the important part of the photo before snapping the shot. Once the image is ready to go, a clearly defined caption is always your best bet. On average your audience wants to digest information in under 3 seconds; which is why images are a powerful way of sharing content.

Be simple. Be direct. Be consistent. If you follow these simple guidelines, your audience will be more willing to share your content and keep coming back for more. Do not be afraid to experiment! See what works out and how your audience will react to different content. You never know how they will respond till you try.