Introducing Kathy Kuczka!


Another one bites the dust! I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful woman during Calendar Girls, at Georgia Ensemble Theatre, and got to know her through many hours of rehearsal and shows. Kathy Kuczka has an addictive personality and is always a joy to be around; which is showcased through her new blog site!

Kathy was originally using Blogger to write up content on her liturgy teaching and share it with her audience. But, her site was clunky, hard to navigate and didn’t show off her other projects or help promote her books. After a quick review of her original site, we talked about what kind of image we wanted to portray and what her brand was. Who was she? What are her goals? Where does she want to go in life? After these vital questions were answered, I developed a website to showcase who she was to the rest of the world.

The end result, a simple website showcasing her projects, teaching, and books. A new blog site with not just one blog on it, but two blogs housed in the same space. This is giving Kathy the chance to let her audience know about her books, performance, and travel without muddling her liturgy blog with information not pertaining to her teachings at St. Thomas.

Go and give her blog a little bit of love!