Update to Twitter Images

Twitter is finally listening to the cries of a digital world and will stop cropping images as they are published to their stream. The company has taken steps to ensure photos posted are at their optimal and aren’t awkwardly cropped to a rectangle or centered on some body part a photo should never be centered on. Aka your groin… Too many times that has happened to me.

On top of stepping away from cropping your photos into a rectangle, the company is also following in Facebook’s footsteps and making your grouping of photos seem more like a collage of photos instead of just four photos grouped together in a 4 square pattern. This gives way to one image taking main focus and 3 other images becoming support material for what you are posting.

This change to Twitter will save many of us social media managers time because now Facebook and Twitter will have the same posting size. Even Instagram can join the fun and the design process for new images will only have to consider a single image instead of one for Facebook/Instagram and another for Twitter.

In the end, thank you, Twitter. Thank you for listen to YOUR audience and making our lives easier on us. Much appreciated.

 Source: The Verge

Source: The Verge