Squarespace Site Development

Creating a Squarespace website can seem like an overwhelming task at first. With so many features, options, and tweaks, it can appear to be a gigantic beast to someone who just wants to have a beautiful website to publish their blogs, music, photos, or sell a few items. This is where I have come and helped people wrap their minds around what they want their individual branding to be. Then we take those ideas and create something beautiful and wonderful with it.


Squarespace’s functionality is designed with simplicity in mind, but since every template has its own pros and cons, it can be a mighty task to some people to find which template is just right for them. For example, some templates do not include a sidebar with their blog pages, others do but then some of those use the same sidebar for multiple blog pages. When designing a website, all of these factors have to be kept in mind for how you want to optimize the website.

Below is an example of a client of mine, HOPEspot, and how we found out during the design phase that her template, Native, would not include a sidebar on the two blog pages she has up. To work around this I created an “Archive” page. This page included two lists of each blog and their blog posts. This design, along with a search bar at the bottom of the site, would allow users to search through her blogs and glean the needed information.

 A SquareSpace blog site created by JTyAutry Consulting using Native template

A SquareSpace blog site created by JTyAutry Consulting using Native template

If you would like to start your own website, reach out to me on my contact page and let’s start the conversation on how a personalized website can increase you presence or help you accomplish your dreams.