5 Daily Tasks for a More Productive Day

1.  Take the time to eat a well-rounded breakfast

One of the best ways I find to feel energized and ready to tackle my day is to have a nice breakfast. Now, when I say nice, I don’t mean cooking something fresh in the morning because I just don’t have time for that. My daily breakfast includes a chocolate protein shake with peanut butter and then egg muffins (eggs, kale, and sausage cooked in a muffin tin). This simple breakfast provides me with everything I need for the day and keeps me full until I am ready for a snack!

2.  Write down what you want to accomplish for the day

I do this for weekly tasks and daily tasks. Breaking down what you need to accomplish helps you stay on track and not steer too far from your goals for the week. If you want, before bed write down what you want to accomplish the next day. This helps you clear your brain from having to “not forget” about that one important task and can lead to better sleeping habits.

3.  Take a break from what you are doing

Don’t marathon it. Just don’t… Take time to break away from a particular task that might take you longer than an hour to accomplish. This will actually help your brain restart and be re-energized for when you jump back on the task. The optimal amount of time to take away from a task is 10 minutes. Try working on one task for 60-90 minutes and then take a 10 minute break to work on something else, read a blog or two, or check your email. A particular good app for this is 30/30 by Binary Hammer.

4.  Predetermine what you are wearing the day before

Simple and easy tasks that will just cut out some stress from the morning. Before going to bed survey or closet and go ahead and decide what exactly you are going to wear. This way you can grab you clothes once you have finished showering and preening.

5.  Hit the gym for 20 minutes

Rough, I know. Even I don’t get around to doing this every morning. But, a simple jog, some ab work, and anything to get your blood flowing in the morning will jump-start your body and help you become focused sooner rather than later. There are numerous apps and tools on the market to help guide you through simple workouts. Not to mention, you will feel better about yourself since you got that awesome workout in before work.