Introducing Greenvan!


I am super excited to announce a new client of mine and a successful launch of their Facebook, Twitter, AND Instagram accounts! Greenvan is a new upcoming Indie Rock band with a few new singles coming out over the next few months leading to a release of their EP in the spring of 2016. This fun group is ready to rock it out and I have had a blast getting to know them and be their voice on social media.

I must admit, finding a similar voice behind four very unique individuals has been a small challenge, but a fun one to overcome and tap into my creative writing side. It has also been fun exploring the world of music on social media; one I was not familiar with at all, but now can say I have a pretty strong grasp on what is going on  via Twitter. So MANY incredible bands, record labels, and artists are online sharing their content and exploring what it means to be an artist on social media. I am proud to be representing Greenvan as they plan their careers in the exciting, and ever changing, world of music.

If you are interested in following them check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! You do not want to miss following this band.