Portfolio Management

Looking to bring on someone to keep track of your social media accounts and keep record of what goes where? JTyAutry Consulting brings years of project management experience to the table to provide a solid foundation for your social media portfolio. 


What happens when you accidentally say the wrong thing on social media? Who will be there to jump on your accounts and make sure everything is smoothed over before going viral? Reputation management is part of packages to help keep your company in a positive light.

Content Creation & Distribution

Need someone to sit down and plan what content goes where, what needs to be said for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? JTyAutry offers services to create content for all your social media needs and then distribute them at appropriate times to maximize reach and engagement.

Routine Maintenance

Social media accounts need some love every day and a person behind them to answer any and all questions your audience may have. Each package we have to offer includes varying levels of routine maintenance to fit your social media portfolio.

WEBsite Design

Your first impression goes a long way when it comes to winning over clients, retaining them, or impressing potential audiences. We specialize in Squarespace website designs and can turn around a new website to you in just two weeks. 

Analytical Reports

How far are your posts reaching? Who is your target audience? What are the best times for you to post? Analytical reports can reveal detailed information about your accounts and guidance as to who you should target for the most reach.

Campaign Planning

Looking to start pushing a certain product or want to boost your views during a certain time frame? Support to maintain, manage, and build a social media campaign will give your company the edge against your competitors.

Ad Management

The most successful campaigns on social media include ad support to reach a more targeted audience. Ad management allows for you to focus on your business and have someone else run the ads to make sure you hit your target audience.

BLog writing

Need a boost in your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) when just posting to social media isn't enough? JTyAutry Consulting offers blog writing experience to give your website a SEO charge, key words onto your website, and generate meaningful content.