Website Designs

Jenny Buckley - Mom / Nurse / Blogger


Cole ledford - speaker / Writer


Alex bond - Actress / Writer


Kathy Kuczka - Actress / Writer / Bloger


Social Media Management



Work as a project manager for all three social media accounts (Facebook Fan Page, Instagram, and Twitter). Content is given by the band and then we distribute the content given with best practices being used for largest reach to audience.

Keri gold salon

Small Business

Full portfolio management and creation for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Content is created around the companies branding to bring in new cliental and stylists. A re-branding push was also done early on to help define their mission statement, motto, feel, and personality as a brand.

Game Shows Rock

Small Business

Research content related to key words given by Game Shows Rock and then distribute the content across their three social media accounts (Facebook Fan Page, Google+, and Twitter). A monthly blog is also written to boost SEO of their website.

Salon arcaro

Small Business

Discovery of new content to publish across the board on all of their social media accounts. Trains new stylists on how to use social media to promote their work. Work also includes promoting their local events to the area, neighbors, and current cliental through social posts and graphic design work.